Policies & Forms

NTG Sport Integrity Toolkit

NTG Sport Integrity Toolkit

NTTBA Code Of Conduct

Executive and Board Member Code of Conduct Policy

NTTBA Complaints and Feedback

Complaints and Feedback Policy
. . . Appendix 1: NTTBA Stakeholder Complaint Form
. . . Appendix 2: NTTBA Feedback Form
. . . Appendix 3: Nationals Event Feedback Form

NTTBA Constitution

NTTBA Constitution

NTTBA Financial Delegation

NTTBA Financial Delegation Policy

NTTBA Strategic Plan

NTTBA Strategic Plan 2016-2018

NTTBA Team Selection

Youth and Adult State Team Selection Policy

TBA Australian National Anti-Doping Policy

TBA has adopted the Australian National Anti-Doping Policy which was developed by Sport Integrity Australia (SIA) to reflect the changes to the World Anti-Doping Code and Australian legislation. The purpose of a single Australian National Anti-Doping Policy is to bring greater consistency for anti-doping rules across the sporting community.  This change means that the Australian National Anti-Doping Policy will be housed on the SIA website and TBA will no longer have an individual Anti-Doping policy.
The National Anti-Doping Policy shall apply to the Sporting Administration Body and all its member or affiliate organisations, as well as the board members, directors, officers, specified employees of the Sport Administration Body and its member or affiliate organisation, and Delegated Third Parties and their employees. The Sporting Administration Body agrees to be bound by the Sporting Administration Body Rules as contained in clause 2.04 of the NAD scheme as in force from time to time.
Australian National Anti-Doping Policy | Sport Integrity Australia Website

National Integrity Framework Policies (TBA)

In 2022, Tenpin Bowling Australia in partnership with Sport Integrity Australia adopted the National Integrity Framework and associated integrity policies listed below. By adopting the National Integrity Framework, Tenpin Bowling Australia now has six new integrity policies which apply to all members. In addition, all complaints about possible integrity breaches will now be managed independently by Sport Integrity Australia, which we hope will ensure people feel safe to speak up about any concerns.
TBA Sport Integrity Website
Child Safeguarding Policy
Child Safeguarding Policy SA Addendum
Competition Manipulation and Sports Wagering Policy
Complaints Disputes and Discipline Policy
Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy
Member Protection Policy
National Integrity Framework Overview
National Integrity Framework