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About Walter de Veer

Established in 1996, the Tournament was dedicated to the memory of Walter de Veer AM, MBE, for long and distinguished service to the sport of tenpin bowling at every level, from State Selector to Vice President of the FIQ, the international governing body of Bowling.

The concept is credited to Melbourne’s Darrell Holt, who raised the idea of a tournament similar to the Walter Rachuig Trophy with colleague Mark Malloy in 1995. “That night I went home and thought about this further. I looked at the format for Rachuig and also the events that form the East Coast Challenge. The quality of bowlers back in 1995 was such that very few 180 and over average male bowlers were likely to make Rachuig teams, whereas 180 average female bowlers were already making Rachuig teams. So my thoughts were that the handicap system should be based on 180 for males and 170 for females” said Holt.

“I took the idea to John McLean and Warren Stewart, who was working for CTBAM at the time, and Warren presented this concept to the 1995 ATBC AGM in Geelong” he added.
The tournament was firmly established as a popular event contested over three consecutive days during the sport’s Adult National Championships. It was designed to foster, develop and advance a spirit of good sportsmanship and fellowship, to promote and maintain a good relationship amongst the representative teams and to provide an opportunity for a combination of graded and handicapped competition.

Each year, the Walter de Veer Memorial Tournament determined the best State/Territory representative team of bowlers with averages not exceeding 184 in the Men’s Division and 174 in the Women’s Division in a handicapped competition. Each team consists of seven players, with five on the Lanes at any one time.

Participation in the Walter de Veer Memorial Tournament was limited to one team in each of the Men’s and Women’s divisions from the following States and Territories:- Queensland – New South Wales – Victoria – Tasmania – South Australia – Western Australia – Australian Capital Territory – Northern Territory.

“Darrell Holt’s absolute passion and drive to establish, and even run the first event was an important contribution and unique legacy to our sport” said Warren Stewart.

In 2007, the Walter de Veer Memorial Tournament was removed from the Adult National Championships.

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